How to kick start your weight management, sustainably

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SLIMFIT’s tips to help you make the lifestyle changes to support effective weight management goals that are sustainable.

Many of us are all too familiar with the struggle of weight management.

1. Keep a food journal

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According to research, there is a significant relationship between keeping diaries and weight. Writing down everything you eat not only holds you accountable to yourself it also helps you be more mindful about when, why, and what you eat. This makes it easier to identify bad habits and the things you can change to deliver your goals faster.

Keeping a food diary will help you spot “trigger foods” and any other unhelpful dietary habits far easier than without a written record.



2. Proven & researched

No, we’re not referring to some magic pill that will help you ditch excess body fat in a heartbeat. The quick fix is a myth. Instead, gradually becoming healthier is the key to reducing weight. Getting rid of those extra kilos will only come within reach when you combine your calorie intake with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

3. Cut back on sugars and refined carbohydrate

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Sugar-rich and processed foods can wreak havoc with your blood glucose and insulin levels which impacts your appetite and will in no way help you with your goals.

Avoiding foods that are high in sugar and contain refined carbohydrates can help lower your insulin levels helping you decrease your appetite without leaving you with a nagging sense of hunger.

Instead choose complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain breads, cereals and pastas, vegetables, oats, quinoa, beans and lentils.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s rest is imperative to attain and keep good health. Whereas lack of sleep on the other hand is strongly linked to weight gain. Science has confirmed that sleep deprivation can seriously sabotage your waistline and your health. Poor sleep affects the brain to such an extent that it makes you want to eat more than you need and increases cravings for sugary high energy foods. To make matters worse, it also causes you to process foods less efficiently. Don’t let lack of good sleep get in the way of reaching your weight goals, make sound sleep a priority.